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Exciting Features!

Hello Divers!  We here at Narcosis Scuba Center are working hard not just to make your time under the water enjoyable, but also above! Throughout the end of July, you'll notice some amazing features popping up around the site.  For instance, when you visit our […]

Online Store Coming Soon!

Can you wait?! Because we sure can't!    Some of you divers probably have noticed some serious changes and updates to the website. We are planning on making the website more user-friendly, more mobile accessible, and an AWESOME online store is right around the corner! […]

Are You Ready For The Cold Season?!?

Hello Divers!    This is the time of year where we at Narcosis Scuba help you transition into the cold water season. Some divers that live up north laugh at us about our  "Cold Season" in Florida! No, we don't have snow. No, we don't […]

Officer Kondek's Funeral

The hardest thing in all my years of diving I have to do today, attend the funeral of a true hero, Officer Kondek. I have known him for 15 years and he is one of the finest officers I have had the privileged to know.Our […]