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Are You Ready For The Cold Season?!?

News Joyce Comments29 Oct, 2015

Hello Divers! 


This is the time of year where we at Narcosis Scuba help you transition into the cold water season. Some divers that live up north laugh at us about our  "Cold Season" in Florida! No, we don't have snow. No, we don't have blizzards that snow us out of school or work, but when the temperatures drop below 69 degrees, you can be sure that most Floridians are wearing their beanies and peacoats! :-) Well, enough about some of us being wimps when it comes to cold water.   

    We have something we know you will enjoy this coming winter season:



Freshwater & Spring Dives (Including Camping Trips): 

With the cold, it brings the Manatees into our FRESHWATER Rivers and Springs. Crystal River is the best one to get up and close with these Gentle Giants. If you have never met a Manatee, nows your chance! We have camping trips to a wide assortment of our Freshwater Springs. Snorkelers and Divers alike are welcome to join us.

Manatee Baby and mom


Rainbow River is also a personal Favorite of ours. With it's tranquile and serene elements, this Drift Dive will NOT dissapoint! 

Rainbow River


Saltwater Trips

Want SALT Water dives? This is the time of year that the big fish come in to shallow water for us to enjoy and the Gulf has the best visibility. Come with us and get away for a while! 





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